Public Deliverables

WP2: Ion Implantation and Silicidation
Deliverable D2.1: First Batch of Experimental Results on Heated Implants and SPER (September 2021)
Deliverable D2.2: Atomistic Catalogue of Events for Calibration of LKMC Dedicated to Silicidation and First Batch of Experimental Results on Silicidation of Si Bulk Materials (August 2021)
Deliverable D2.5: Final Experimental Results on Silicidation of Si and SiGe Bulk Materials and Nanowires (December 2022)

WP3: Epitaxy
Deliverable D3.1: Review of Experimental and Model State of the Art (July 2020)
Deliverable D3.3: First Batch of Experimental Results on Epitaxy (August 2021)

WP4: Nanosecond Laser Annealing (LA) of 3D Devices
Deliverable D4.1: Specification Report for LA Calibration: Literature Review, Missing Data, Experimental Plan (July 2020)
Deliverable D4.2: Report on the First Round of Optical and Thermal Measurements (April 2021)
Deliverable D4.3: First Round of Experiments on Structural Modifications, Alloy Redistribution to Validate Model Predictions, Experimental Plan for Second Round (July 2021)
Deliverable D4.5: Report on the First Version of Atomistic Studies and LKMC Models (July 2022)
Deliverable D4.6: Final Experimental Results on Laser Annealing (January 2023)
Deliverable D4.7: Complete Model for Alloy Redistribution and Doping, Calibrated with the Second Round of Experiments (December 2022)

WP5: Device Reliability
Deliverable D5.1: First Batch of Experimental Results Regarding the Electrical and Structural Characterization of Device Samples (July 2022)
Deliverable D5.2: Provisional Atomistic Catalogue of Chemical Reactions Relevant for Defect Formation (April 2021)

WP6: Simulation Toolchain and Benchmarking
Deliverable D6.1: Device Architectures and Processing of the Test Applications (May 2020)
Deliverable D6.2: Report on the Integration of External KMC/LKMC Tools into the TCAD Toolchain (September 2022)

WP7: Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication
Deliverable D7.1: Set-up of the MUNDFAB Website (February 2020)