WP4: Nanosecond laser annealing of 3D devices

Fig. 1: Atomistic (LKMC) simulations of the full LA process
Fig. 2: Nano-deformations and shape modifications

Laser annealing (LA) with space uniform beams (over ~ cm2 areas) and nanosecond range pulses is an extraordinary resource for the fabrication of unconventional devices, since it can potentially focus the heating with nanoscale resolution on a sub-portion of the samples. Work Package 4 aims at developing advanced simulation models for the process of laser annealing, extending the current understanding of the physical phenomena occurring during this process. In addition, dedicated experiments will be conducted to investigate the thermal and optical properties of materials during laser annealing, their structural modification, and the dopant activation under different laser annealing regimes. WP4 will mainly focus on:

  • The calibration of material parameters as a function of the laser frequency, temperature, and phase (solid, liquid, amorphous)
  • 3D models and their experimental validation in nanostructured (i.e. patterned) samples
  • Accurate LA simulation of alloys (e.g., SiGe), where the material parameters depend on the variable alloy fraction in time and space
  • Phase nucleation and thermal transport phenomena in the nanoscale, beyond the validity of the Fourier law
  • Atomistic (LKMC) simulations of the full LA process (see Fig. 1)
  • 3-phase phenomena and explosive crystallization in amorphous nanostructures
  • Stress effects and stress evolution at the nanoscale
  • Nano-deformations and shape modifications (see Fig. 2)

WP4 coordinator: Antonino LaMagna, CNR-IMM

Selected publications

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G. Calogero, D. Raciti, P. Acosta-Alba, F. Cristiano, I. Deretzis, G. Fisicaro, K. Huet, S. Kerdiles, A. Sciuto, A. LaMagna
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