WP7: Dissemination, exploitation, and communication

To emphasize the importance of dissemination, exploitation, and communication, the respective activities are coordinated in this work package. Dissemination and communication address semiconductor professionals but also other groups outside of the semiconductor business - from the general public to non-specialists in science.

Among others, in this work package activities are carried out on:

  • Disseminating the results via the project website and social media
  • Publications in jounals or conference proceedings
  • Presentations at conferences or other events
  • Data management of research data

Even though MUNDFAB is designed as a research project, opportunities for exploitation will arise already during its execution due to:

  • Improvement of processing recipes based on knowledge gained by the research work in MUNDFAB
  • The use of alpha and beta versions of the models in the simulation environments of CEA and STM
  • Contract research that can be offered by the partners

Dissemination manager and WP7 coordinator: Eberhard Bär, Fraunhofer IISB